'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



I know this seems really mushy, but after watching 13 Reasons Why, I felt a need to share my experience on finding happiness through the love I have found. So Jacob, if you read this, here are 13 reasons why I love you.

1. Regardless of having metal legs, you still stand taller than any man I've ever known. You haven't let this whole chapter of your life bring you down. You walk with a confidence and a straight vision whilst everybody stares. Essentially, I think this has made you more of a man, and more of a man than most.

2. You were in a relationship when we first met, but you took a chance and believed in me, one I hope you'll never regret. Looking back we seemed so young, but you seemed to see something in me that many couldn't. I remember my confidence growing day by day with you because you allowed me to feel self respect which I don't think I had ever truly found before.

3. You were led in hospital for almost two years, yet you put my needs and mental health first. I will never forget the time when my family was going through an extremely tough time financially and you had surprised us by ordering a whole weeks worth of food from your hospital bed to make sure we had food to eat.

4. You have introduced me to some incredible people and I will never forget some of our experiences together as a gang. From having the beach fire, the nights at Stannah, getting completely drunk to a point of no return, the many birthday celebrations, weddings and more to come. Thank you for sharing your friends.

5. The way you understand my friendship and love for my Pops is incredibly comforting. Knowing you both got to meet before he passed and how he approved of you is something I cherish each day.

6. How you think I am pretty regardless of what I look like. There aren't many people in this world who will agree with you, but you remind me even though you know my insecurities I have with my appearance, you make the effort to tell me otherwise.

7. You see the real me each and every single day, yet you stick around. From my mental health, to my worries to my obsession over your cat, you just go with it and love me regardless.

8. You haven't had everything handed to you in life. You've had to work for what you've got and especially since your amputations, you work harder than most. You don't take things for granted which is a reminder for me to never take things for granted.

9. How angry you get over the same argument each weekend of what we would like to eat.

10. Knowing you would be there for me if anything severe happens. From the loss of my Pops to in the future, if I was ever rushed to hospital, I have no doubt in my mind that you would be the first person there.

11. How you have a playlist saved of all our important songs for our wedding day. We know the exact beat when I will start to walk down the aisle, the song we want to have our first dance to and even when you start to dance with me in the kitchen to prove how much better your balance has gotten on your prosthetics.

12. Following on from the last point, when I have an anxiety attack or feeling anxious led in bed, you play these songs to me without me asking knowing how much of a comfort they are to me.

13. For asking me to marry you some day. Girls like me don't tend to believe they deserve men like you, I suppose it's just a girl thing? But knowing you want to wake up and fall asleep next to me each day makes my little heart melt. Simply put, knowing you love me makes me the happiest I could and will ever me.
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