'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



I envisioned this post with me starting off by saying 'I'm back and better than ever' yet I've been struggling to write this for hours and I'm not sure if people would hear the sarcasm in that statement... But, I am back. I took a break from blogging around a year ago now and I feel it has helped me more than I thought it would it actually would.

The main reasons I decided to pause my online presence was due to my mental stability, the pressures I felt it put on me and the continuous circle of feeling I needed to be somebody I was not. I didn't have the strength many people thought I had at that point in my life. I kept all of this quiet as I felt like a drama queen, but then it all began to develop and crumble. My confidence, happiness and sanity was affected more than I thought after the whole experience with my partner becoming a double amputee.

I was diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD but it was never confirmed about my state of depression. Over the year, I have suffered more than people know and I found it painful asking for help and getting to the balanced stage I am at now in my life. I restricted myself to whom I spoke to about my 'issues' because I didn't want to bring down my loved ones with me.

I've decided to come back as a better version of myself because I learnt, grew from this pain and finally seeked medicated help to hold my hand through this chapter of my life. Also, let's face it, I've missed this. Having a place to share my thoughts and life.

The main reason I started this blog was to document my life, show Jacob's journey, share my individual story and aim to inspire at least one person in this enormous world. What will this have in store for me? Even I don't know. But I am excited to see this through.

See you around, sometime soon.
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