'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



To all those people who know our 'story', which you can read about here, both Jacob and I tend to talk about getting away, almost like we deserve it. We had been searching for holidays abroad, various hotels in the nearest cities, but either they were not wheelchair accessible or they weren't our cup of tea. Please welcome the Titanic Hotel, Liverpool.

We had booked this hotel the same day we found it because we instantly fell in love with the place. We booked for a corner suite and Jacob had called up to confirm that there would be both a bath and a shower because he does not yet have a pair of prosthetics suitable for the shower. We knew there would be a complication somewhere along the line for us because life isn't as simple now.

We arrived in the lobby and we were blown away. The metal pillars, the exposed brickwork, the leather chairs, everything was our taste. There a slight delay with checking in, but we were offered a coffee and all was well. We got our key card and as they saw me struggling to carry both our luggage, they had somebody come up to the room with our bags.

We noticed that our corner suite wasn't actually on the corner as we walked to a door in the middle of the floor. There must have been some mistake. We open the day to see multiple rooms. This was a presidential suite. We had been looking at this room and drooling wishing we could afford this on such short notice, so we toured and kept questioning if this was correct, would we be charged, how has this happened. Jacob called up the reception area and it was right, we had been given a bloody free upgrade to a god damn presidential suite.

I am not even kidding, I was so overwhelmed to know we had gotten so damn lucky. We had originally had reservations to go out into the city that night to grab some food and cocktails, but since we got this incredible upgrade we stayed in, ordered room service and made the most of our night together.

We didn't have one issue. There was no noise throughout the night, the staff were beyond incredible, it is the cleanest hotel I have ever stayed at, the theme throughout the hotel had been so well thought out, the breakfast was lovely, honestly, there is not one thing to blame. One of the most important things for both Jacob and I. This has been the first company if you will, that didn't treat Jacob and less because of his wheelchair. We can both go for a meal and the staff would rather to talk to me or I would be given the bill, whereas the Titanic staff treated Jacob like an actual person and it made him feel so comfortable and pleased with his experience.

We know we will be going back to this hotel, we are just looking at dates! Maybe we can get a look at the corner suite we were looking at, or maybe even get a chance to go back to the presidential suite! I really do miss this place, knowing how it made me feel and knowing we could finally have that break we both spoke about. Fingers crossed you will see us again soon!

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