'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



We spent one year together before Jacob had less than a ten percent chance to live. We then held on to our relationship throughout the two years Jacob lived in hospital and we have spent the last year trying to get our lives back to normal. Our relationship isn't as normal as some but it's the adventure which I love. Jacob has shown me that each day can bring something challenging, life changing or a way to define who I am. We are celebrating our anniversary together on Friday, but for now, I wanted to share with you what makes us believe in our happily ever after.

All girls dream of that perfect and romantic first kiss, am I right? So would you lean in with your better half tells you that they have cheeseburger breath. Well, this is where it all began.

I met Jacob face to face on the Friday, we shared our burger kiss, then on the saturday he came to my house. Here he met my Father, whom he then drove to the hospital to visit my Mother where he met my whole family in my Mother's hospital room. Talk about a way to meet the parents.

Being the nerd, education obsessed girl that I am, I knew Jacob was something special when I skipped university lectures to go and adventure with him. Yeah, sorry Mum.

Our first purchase together was a year into our relationship. We both chipped in £60 to buy this huge clock (which doesn't actually work) which remains in my bedroom. Jacob, 3 years after buying the clock still assures me he will fix it, he's a real man.

Jacob stuck by myself and my whole family when my Father passed away. I called him to tell him the news in floods of tears. What would normally take a 45 minute drive, 20 minutes later Jacob came to my families house in his suit and was willing to stay as long as it took for me to feel stable.

Jacob knew how to keep the romance alive by ordering a chinese meal into the hospital one month after he got meningitis. He thought it would be extremely cute, until he felt bad because he couldn't even move his arms to lift his fork, which meant I had to feed us both.

My dream was to graduate university with a first class degree. Jacob promised me he would be at my graduation regardless of the grade, but he made sure he did all he could to get his prosthetic legs so he could wear his suit pants and shirt to make me feel 'normal'. I got my first class degree and Jacob made me feel deserving and proud of myself.

We spent the first moments after Jacob had both legs amputated trying to be normal, so I sat by his side, held hands and watched Up.

I not only had to maintain my full time degree but I also had a part time job. Seeing Jacob meant we could only see each other once a week as it took two hours via public transport to get there, but we made it work.

Seeing Jacob's face when he went outside to smell fresh air after the first time in months is one of my favourite moments in my life.

I understand Jacob's love for science and he understands my love for hedgehogs.

We know each other better than we know ourselves. Sometimes that can be annoying on my behalf, but to have somebody that invested into the person you are is the foundation for true love.

We can laugh that Jacob will now always remain the little spoon, because we understand each other and we have grown together to form this humour.

Jacob took me to the park a few months ago to feed the squirrels (I have a thing for woodland animals) to make me happy. We spent hours trying to get them to come as close to us as possible so he could make me smile.

But in all seriousness, Jacob is my one and only. We have had some of the best experiences together and the worst but we have come through this smiling and holding each other's hand. I can sit here and make a list of why this man is my favourite ever being, but all I aim to achieve in life is to portray this through my actions, for him to feel my love and admiration and to show others that love is the most powerful thing.

There is nothing I want more in life right now than to celebrate these past four years. To celebrate us overcoming this sickening chapter, to celebrate the people we have become, but most of all, to celebrate the many years to come.

We are celebrating together on Friday and I cannot wait to give Jacob his 'little something' as I called it. Of course, I will be posting all about it so make sure you follow me here so you don't miss it. I cannot wait. Here's to us.

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