'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



So this was the plan: 4 years together full of happiness and the worst experiences. 40 eleven inch helium balloons, 39 photographs from the past four years, 39 corresponding messages of love, 1 note, 1 surprise and my one true love.

We agreed to do a 'little something' for each other this year rather then spending a lot of money on materialistic goods. I like to think of myself as being a thoughtful little human being, so I wanted to present the thought behind the gift rather than the 'outcome'. If you have seen my previous posts, such as My Spoken Journey, you will understand the intensity of these past four years and maybe you can then understand why I wanted to celebrate us as a couple.

I gave Jacob some instructions, to keep all of the lights turned off and to follow what he would be told to do. He walked in through the front door, and opposite the door down the long corridor is the door to my bedroom. A torch was placed to light up the sign on the door, 'Read the Balloon'. One black balloon decorated in gold ribbon floated in front of the door with a note attached.

"I want to celebrate this anniversary, celebrate these past 4 years. We have gone through so much, happy memories and the worst. Regardless how we feel or think, we should be proud of each other, as a team. We have been gotten through the worst and come out as better people. We should celebrate us and celebrate these past four years. 

Lets celebrate the memories and the journey we share.'

After reading this handwritten note, he would understand what he was about to see. As he opened the door he saw all of these balloons with happy memories attached, lit up my fairy lights. I have to admit, no photograph can truly give this whole experience justice as it looked so magical and beautiful. The house was silent and all Jacob had to do was look at each balloon, take in the meaning and feel my love. I was stood in the room when Jacob was outside reading my message for him and all I could feel were butterflies. It's safe to say that Jacob loved his little surprise.

'When Summer told me she had a 'little something' planned, I had no idea what to expect, but this was perfect.'

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