'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



My Pop's passed away two years ago in his sleep and it destroyed me. He was the first man I ever loved, the first man to love me and I can honestly say he was my best friend. He had both mine, my sisters' and my Mother's name as tattoos, and I wanted something so meaningful. Something to be proud of, so I got Jent, his middle name. If there is one word that could define my Father, I would say he was a true gent.

I was so incredibly nervous as I hadn't had a tattoo before, but the whole experience was something I won't forget. From the nerves and excitement to the pure love and happiness I felt when I looked at it complete. Throughout the day, I felt my nerves build up and now I have no idea what I was even nervous for.

I had seen Meg's post about her tattoo literally days before, which made me super nervous, but she gave me some encouragement on her Instagram. I now know that all I was nervous for was the pain. I deal very well with pain I would say, but I can safely say that it didn't hurt, at all. It only felt like a consistent sharp scratch, so it wasn't painful, just uncomfortable. I can see a large tattoo aching and becoming painful after a period of time, but something as little as mine, I was completely fine. I was laughing and joking whilst getting it done, honestly, it's not as bad as you think.

I would do it all over again, that's how little pain I felt, but, for now, I am more than satisfied with what I have. 

I am in love with it, it's only been two days, but the cling film is off and I can't help but smiling as I catch it on my wrist. I am in love with the simplicity, the style, everything about it, I personally feel just suits me.

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