'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



Once Jacob came out of hospital, so many people were asking about wedding plans, when the lucky day was, and for me, it got tiring. I never thought that I would feel this way, but I knew that something wasn't right. I had been trying to find peace in a storm for a long time, but it wasn't until Jacob and I spoke about our future until we realised and decided to call off our 2016 summer wedding.

Going through these past chapters of our lives, we realised that we had multiple goals and dreams. We wanted to relax after a stressful two years, travel, Jacob wanted to go to university, and for me, well I simply want to develop in my career and become a mature adult. Our wedding came further down the list and it wasn't until we both spoke about this, that we knew each other felt exactly the same.

We understand that many people are excited to see us get married, as it is the light at the end of the tunnel, but if we were not feeling this time and moment, we knew we couldn't push this. We feel connected in a way that I simply cannot describe, almost like we are married already, but with a complicated life, comes a complicated future.

Our plans so far have all been cancelled, we have put a hold on everything, and when people ask why, we are simply not ready.

I am more than happy to be engaged and I feel that we got engaged at the right time, but with our complications, our wedding is going to be saved until we both feel completely satisfied. A time when we can embrace the moment and feel that we are making the best decision for the both of us. 

Who knows, maybe it will be in the summer of 2017, but all we know right now is that we are making the best decision for the two of us. We are going to continue to grow together, watch each other achieve the life we desire and share this unbreakable love. There is just simply no reason to rush.

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