'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



Think about it, what could you do in an hour? Make your favourite meal, have a nice relaxing bath, perhaps even go to the gym. These are the kinds of things I were used to with an hour to spare. I had no idea what was going to happen in the fastest hour of my life, I had no idea that death would be waiting. 

Please, please watch the video.

I was fortunate enough not to know of the horror found in an intensive care unit. I was blind to the fear that surrounds the ward, until I was sat there sharing this fear with those around. Avoiding eye contact with loved ones of those I could see dying, feeling guilty. Guilty knowing I was useless.

All I could do was to sit down and look at this body in front of me. This man I knew and loved was led there dying, yet I didn't know who this person was. It was almost like he lost his identity. Who was this person connected to a life support machine? Who was this man feeling this pain? I didn't recognise him, because this wasn't what I had predicted in our future, it was unrecognisable. 

I was blinded by the fear of the unknown.

Love is something that causes jealousy, causes pure happiness, makes us into the people we are. Without the love I had for this man, I wouldn't have managed to focus and maintain a strength deep within. 

Time is something we take for granted. We waste time with our heads looking down to the world, searching the Internet for temporary happiness, when time should be cherished. 

One hour is all it takes to destroy a person, their health, their future, the dreams they once had. One hour is what changed Jacob's life. 

25 months later, after 699 days in hospital, he is only now learning how to walk once more. Jacob lived, yet had to pay a price. Jacob is an amputee due to meningococcal septicaemia.

Why am I telling you this when you may already know? Because it's now our lives. This is who we are. This is our future. 

It's painful to be in this position, knowing you can't make things right. Feeling guilt each and every single day. Having to push your true love in a wheelchair and see people stare. It's the most agonising experience. But, this is my life, this is our lives.

We have been strong together and managed to support one another with a love we cannot fault. A love we didn't know we could feel. 

One hour changed us, and this fastest hour can affect anybody, at any time. 

Meningitis Now are incredible. They have supported Jacob and I from day one. They have given love and support that I hold close to my heart, because there are people out there wanting to understand. 

They understand my emotions, depression, fear of the future, they want to help everybody and anybody by bringing awareness to something I was oblivious to. 

This video is Jacobs journey. It terrified me when I first watched this, because I was reliving the horror again. I need you to watch this video.

I need people to know about this, our experience, the symptoms, the horror of meningitis. I am so passionate to bring awareness to those who are blind, because I was once blind, I had to see it first hand to believe the fear. 

Please. One minute to portray the fastest hour of a life. That one hour that changed our future, and that could change yours.

Watch, share, be aware.

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