'When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, you know you are healing.'

- unknown.



After the worst three years of my life, I finally graduated. It sounds so typical, for a student to say that it was the worst three years of their life, but no, seriously. I have been through so much, which if you read through my regular posts, you'll understand why. 

My graduation experience, was a little over rated, let me explain...
So, not only was it a stressful day as many things seem to go wrong, like forgetting my ticket to graduate and the pins to help control my gown, I thought it couldn't get any worse... (this is a hint to emphasise that things clearly did get worse) 

So, I walk up on stage a tad bit nervous, waiting for her to call my name to start walking along the stage, 'BA Honors in Graphic Communication, Sumner Whittaker.' Who the hell is Sumner?! I couldn't correct the woman, I couldn't just stand there, so I took this as my only chance to walk along the stage and feel accomplishment. Maybe people won't notice. That was until I fell down the stairs. Yep. I was that kid. Luckily, I caught my tutors hand and he helped me back on my feet, but oh my was I embarrassed. So, I carried on walking. That one moment in my life I thought would be perfect...

The reason I thought it was overrated is all thanks to American movies, just sayin'. I was expecting us to all through our hats in the air as the slow motion kicks in and all you can hear are the cheers and cheesy music to compliment the screams. Too much?
Sitting through the whole ceremony, especially as we were first on stage was quite an annoyance, especially as it was so hot, and my ankle hurt from falling of course. But, I wouldn't have had it any other way, regardless. It's a story that makes it a 'Summer experience'.

The morning of my graduation was more than I possibly could have asked for. I heard the post come through the letter box, so I walk over to see a handwritten envelope addressed to Lady Summer Paige. I instantly knew it was from Jacob. This gorgeous handmade card put the biggest smile on my face. The wonderful lady behind Scribble and Daub did such a perfect job, and I cannot thank her enough for this beautiful keepsake. 

A lucky penny, from the year I was born. This was made into a necklace and given to me by my Mother and two sisters. Engraved on the back, 'We are so proud of you xxx'.

From the creatives behind Peep Sticks, my sister gifted me this artwork which melted my heart. It was so thoughtful to include my Father in the cloud, because as they say, I hoped that he was looking over me.

Jacob had flowers delivered to my house, and told me that I would receive fresh flowers every two weeks for the next three months. 

My family made my graduation perfect. To hear them say congratulations, and that they were proud made it all worthwhile. I had a moment when I was sat down in my cap and gown, waiting to go on stage, where I just thought to myself. Looking back on all I have achieved after what I had been through, really does take courage, and I should be proud of myself for that. 

Since I was 14 years old, I only ever dreamt of being a graphic designer. I had this concrete plan in my heart and mind, that I would study graphics as a GCSE, then do my National Diploma at college, and then my Degree at university, and I did it all.

University isn't for everybody, at times, I thought it wasn't for me. But, if you really want something in life, just work your arse off. I look back at my time at university, and it went so fast, fast enough to make me realise three years of my whole life wasn't much. 

I will admit it, I am proud. My degree is in a frame on my desk, because not only is this piece of paper evidence that I did it, but it shows my strength, dedication, motivation and passion. I'll always have this on display, as big headed as it may seem, but it's all I've wanted in life.

Paper may be worthless to some, but this piece of paper has made my dreams come true. 
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