14 May 2017

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After I created the illustration above, I was suggested to get it printed on tshirts, poster prints to sell online or even sell my illustration to tattoo artists. Don't get me wrong, it's a huge compliment when people admire your work, but I've never quite had big enough balls to go ahead and set up my own business. This is where this post comes from. Throughout my time on my little blog, I've found a few inspirations and people I watch from afar, also from the blogging community, that are simply rocking it. These are my current top 5 I know you will love:


10 May 2017

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I know this seems really mushy, but after watching 13 Reasons Why, I felt a need to share my experience on finding happiness through the love I have found. So Jacob, if you read this, here are 13 reasons why I love you.


23 Apr 2017

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When meeting somebody new, I never know how to introduce myself, let's face it, sooner or later they are going to realise I am engaged to a double amputee. I can't just suffice them with 'my partner is constantly legless' because questions will be asked and my humour misunderstood. Then comes to working out if they want the long version or the short version of how this happened. But, by starting a new job and getting more questions asked, I've been able to share a lot about the good and the bad, but I haven't shared much about our future.

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